South Cove

Boston Chinatown (Paifang), Tufts Medical Center, State Theater Boston 1967 (Margaret L. DeWolf)

South Cove

The historic South Cove Neighborhood includes Tufts Medical Campus, Chinatown, and Lower Washington Street, formerly known as the Combat Zone. As we walk through the Tufts Medical Campus, you will learn how the Boston Dispensary, Floating Hospital for Children, the Pratt Diagnostic, and Tufts Medical College merged in 1948 and then developed into an international research based medical center and hospital.  You will learn how the Washington Street area and the Tufts Medical Center were preserved and redesigned by the BRA and the TAC architectural firm.  As we walk through Chinatown, you will learn the history of the neighborhood immigrants including the Irish, Syrians, and the Chinese, their struggles, their ethnic organizations, and the businesses they established. You will also learn about the religious and social organizations that were instrumental in helping early 19th century immigrants. As we walk onto lower Washington Street, you will learn how the exquisite Theater District turned into the seedy Combat Zone. Today, the area is now a high-priced real estate neighborhood with magnificent new structures and the re-adaptive use of older buildings. Throughout the walk you will also see how the construction of I 93 destroyed parts of South Cove.

Tour Information

Tour lasts 90 minutes.

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