Religious Tolerance in Boston

Dr. Gannet's Church, Arlington St, Boston Mass. John P. Soule. Creative Commons

Religious Tolerance in Boston

When the Puritans arrived in Boston in 1630 they established a new society based on adherence to religious law and conformity to a strict social order. The religious freedom they sought was for their beliefs and to the exclusion of others. Our tour will demonstrate the sacrifices and heroic efforts of many to achieve the level of tolerance that we have today . The transition was gradual and there are still some shadows of those habits today e.g. Blue Laws. Some of the key events for the advance of tolerance include the growth of Unitarianism, the separation of church and state as stated in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Mass. and the celebration of Mass by a pope of Boston Common in 1979.

Tour Information

Tour lasts 90 minutes. 

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