Boston's Construction of Self

Greetings from Boston, Courtesy of the Boston Public Library

Boston's Construction of Self

In partnership with the Boston Literary District’s Construction of Self series, Boston By Foot has created a tour that will discuss how Boston’s identity was shaped by specific events and people. Psychologically, identity is composed of the qualities, beliefs and ways of expression that make a person (or a city) different from others. To that point, there are essential characteristics that people associate with Boston and its people –the Hub may conjure images of the stodgy, blue-blooded Brahmins or the politically clannish Irish. At times Boston’s identity can be contradictory - Boston has a reputation for being liberal politically but has also struggled with being labeled racist. Identity can arise organically, for instance, in its earliest days Boston would have perceived itself as a Puritan town as most members of the community shared this religion; but identity can also be deliberately drawn. Our tour will focus on those events that shaped Boston’s identity and how that identity has changed over the years.

Tour Information

Tour lasts 90 minutes. 

This tour is not currently on our calendar, but can be scheduled as a private tour at any time. Call 617.367.2345 or use our private tour webform to learn more.

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