I took the 5 hour tour yesterday in Boston. John was my tour guide. It was fantastic. He was a wonderful guide and I learned so much. He has inspired me to learn more about this period in history and especially Mayor Curley. Thank you John for spending so much time in developing this tour and imparting so much fascinating new information to me and my friend. I am looking forward to my next tour and continuing my membership. - Woburn, MA

Linda was our guide for the tour for little feet this morning... and she did a great job. We definitely had plenty of little feet in this tour and she handled it well. She was fun, informative, and caring. - Ashland, MA

We did 2 tours over 3 days. Fran was our lead on the Freedom Trail. We were uncertain as the park service has a free tour but we decided to give it a shot with Boston By Foot. Glad we did because when you see the park service tour leave they have big groups like 20 - 30 people where as our group had 7 (5 was my family and 2 others) so you get to hear everything and ask questions. Fran was very good.

We also did Beacon Hill and and Tom was our guide. Again a great tour! - Jackson, NJ

Our tour guide was great! Very knowledgeable, informative, great sense of humor. Her enthusiasm for the history of this period was contagious. I will definitely recommend this tour to visitors to Boston. - San Francisco, CA

This was my first Boston by Foot tour, and I'm super interested in the MBTA and the Big Dig - this tour was awesome. Our tour guide Alysha was an architect herself and was so knowledgeable about the history of Boston involving the evolving shoreline of colonial Boston, to the historical feat of the Big Dig, to the fun facts about the subway system. She was super enthusiastic too! This tour is definitely something you don't find with your average tour company. We were in small groups too, so it made it easy to ask questions. I've lived in Massachusetts and Boston myself for my whole life and still learned some many new facts about Boston!! Double Thumbs Up!!! - Wrentham, MA

We did the Little Feet 60 minute walking tour with our kids (ages 6 and 8). The tour guide interacted very well with the kids and kept them engaged (a challenging feat). It was informative/educational for both kids and adults. The tour started at Faneuil Hall and went to the Old State House and the current City Hall, among other places. Highly recommended for teaching your kids about the history of Boston in a fun way. - New York, NY

Our six year old daughter was completely engrossed... Our guide painted a vivid and interesting picture for her about how human relationships contribute to world events. Really great. She's already asked about what taxes are really used for and what government's job is. Best first description of propaganda ever. Thanks so much. - San Ramon, CA

I had some visitors in from Hong Kong and wanted to give them a flavor of Boston. I contacted Boston By Foot and we discussed a customized tour that would show us some history and end up in Chinatown. We met our guide, Owen at Park Street station and spent the next hour and a half checking out some of the historical buildings along the Freedom Trail, the Big Dig and finished in Chinatown with some little factoids about the Chinese coming to Boston. The tour was very professional, yet casual, allowing us to ask as many questions as we wanted. We all thoroughly enjoyed the information and pace of the tour. - Norwell, MA

Will was an excellent tour guide. He was so knowledgeable and fully engaged the children. He made sure that they heard facts that would interest them while still giving so much historical information. I wish I had learned history the way Will taught it! - New Jersey

I particularly wanted to commend Margaret and her excellent commentary on the Ben Franklin Homes and Haunts tour. Her commentary was the right pace, the right depth, stunningly well-informed, passionate and balanced at the same time, gently amusing... in fact, faultless. Thanks - Boston, MA

Today, Babz and Beth introduced me to the magic of the Esplanade. Being a cancer patient at MGH I have always been intrigued by the closeness of the Charles to the MGH complex, but never dared to access it. BBF introduced me to a place of visual wonder and such a place full of life being lived to the fullest by so many. I now have another wonderful place to experience on my not-always-so-pleasant visits to MGH besides the Meditative Garden on the top of the Yawkey Center and the cafeteria overlooking the Charles at Mass Eye and Ear. - Westport, MA

Bill was great on the heart of Freedom Trail -- I learned so much from him and have recommended his tour to my friends. Gene escorted my afternoon tour to the North End and like Bill's tour, it was so fun and so informative. That night I gave a tour to my friend who couldn't participate! Thank You for all you do! - Riverview, MI

I would just like to offer some praise for our tour guide, Mike, who graduated with a history degree from Northeastern. The weather was bitter cold, but he made the tour fly by as we heard stories about the early days of Boston and the colonial revolt. I have taken other tours in other cities around the world, but rarely do you have a tour guide who seems to love history and enjoy telling stories of American patriots. - Brooklyn, NY

Diane was our guide, and she did such a wonderful job with the kids. She did a great job involving the adults too. - Reading, MA

Just went on a great tour of the neighborhood called Chestnut Hill. Turns out that Boston By Foot does monthly tours outside of their regular tours of the Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill and the like. The tour of Chestnut Hill was a great way to explore the neighborhood, getting to know more about its architecture and history. Days later, driving through Brookline, I noticed Lee Street. Before the weekend I wouldn't have known the significance of that name (and names like Lawrence and Hammond Streets), but now I do! A sure sign of not only a good tour, but a great and fun learning experience! - Boston, MA

Great tour -- Gretchen, our tour guide, did an excellent job. She was very knowledgeable, professional and kept things on point. We enjoyed it very much. - Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

I had a great time exploring Boston on our private tour. At lunch we quizzed our dads on what we had learned. We sure knew a lot more than they did. - Boston, MA

Hello Little Feet!!! Our guide is so fabulous with children! We had 5 little girls ranging in ages from 5 to 13. The guide was able to keep them all attentive and interested for 1 hour -- a great feat!!!! I know that they will always remember the Boston Massacre due to our guide's ability to have them act it out. My husband and I recommended your tour to our friends as we were so thrilled and happy with how it was conducted. Many thanks to Meg -- she's the greatest!! - Suffield, CT

The docents leading The Freedom Trail tours in Boston are the best I've seen in any city. Very knowledgeable, very personable and you immediately understand why it is important for you to take this tour if it's your first time in Boston. Otherwise you won't know what treasures you pass on the street that played such a huge part in our American history. Bravo! - St. Helena, CA

My friends and I, all professional historians at Harvard's Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, judged Lucinda's tour to be outstanding. Her grasp of detail was quite astonishing. What she had to say was informed, cogent and impressive. Lucinda's lively personality, warmth and good humour made the tour a congenial and engaging experience. The tour was thoughtfully conceived and intelligently planned, with a particularly pleasing emphasis on Boston's proud tradition of radical dissent. - Victoria, Australia

Our tour guide was terrific! It was so interesting to see where the land and sea met at different periods in history, and the different take on the usual history lesson for the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Thanks for making that happen for us. - Concord

Our tour guide was fabulous. She was informative, interesting, and very knowledgeable. Despite the rain she went out of her way to make sure that we were comfortable all along the way. - Roslindale, MA

Our media group was just enamored with Terri and the story she told us about the city of Boston... it was an incredible experience, and I personally am so grateful to her and Boston By Foot for providing us with someone who not only had the experience to share, but was also someone who understood our group (architecturally-oriented, spoke the "language"). Thank you so much for just an incredible time. - Waltham, MA

Your tour was fantastic! Every group was amazed at your knowledge and great style in dealing with students. We all learned so much. The experience will help us when we read about this exciting time in our history. You are the talk of the school today... Thank you! - West Hartford, CT

Whether you're a tourist or a native, Boston By Foot is a great way to get to know some of the history and architecture of Boston. With an impressive program of tours that includes a literary, architecture and "nerd-friendly" engineering tour, BBF has something for everyone. The docents are volunteers who put in a lot of time to research information on the visited sites, and so the tours are very informative. - Brookline, MA

I honestly have not had much interest in American Revolutionary history, but I found myself drawn in by our guide's wealth of knowledge and obvious love of history. He was a fantastic, knowledgeable and humorous guide. He really made the history come alive. I'd choose any tour he offers for our next round of out of town visitors. - Cambridge, MA

I went on the Beacon Hill tour this evening, and it was fantastic. Keep up the great work in sharing all that Boston has to offer and its rich history with the public! - Boston, MA

Despite the raw temperatures, Kevin generated a good deal of enthusiasm and we appreciated the fact that he had researched the role of African Americans in the American Revolution. I would definitely recommend your service to others who may be considering field trips in the future. Thank you. - Sudbury, MA

I spent five days in Boston last week and had the pleasure of taking four Boston By Foot walking tours: Beacon Hill, Freedom Trail, North End and Victorian Back Bay. Each tour was delightful -- informative, interesting and pleasant. I now have a good overview of Boston's history and architecture. Continue to do the excellent work you are doing! - Forrest Hills, NY

Just a note to thank Boston By Foot for a marvelous Beacon Hill tour. Our two guides were the best and everyone had a delightful time. The weather the entire weekend was absolutely super... it seemed as if the whole town was in a summery mood. Please extend my best wishes to our two guides and thank them for providing these Houston ladies with an unforgettable experience on Beacon Hill. - Houston, TX

Footloose on the Freedom Trail, an Independence Day tour, was an absolute experience, especially for letting loose vacation calories! It was an amazing day to be in Boston and I highly encourage the experience! - San Francisco, CA

Just a quick note of thanks from a very happy customer. I called last year before Christmas and pre-booked a "family tour" as a Christmas gift. We finally got the gang together and met with Dan for Boston Underfoot. It was fantastic! Dan is a treasure... so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and generous with his time. Thank you so much and keep up the good work! - Boston, MA

Wow! Oh My! What a great tour of the Freedom Trail, best tour I ever had! Your guide, Terry, was great. He was 5 star! He was the best! We would like to take him home with us to Atlanta to give us tours there! He was cheerful, spoke very well, and knew what he was talking about. All of us will always remember our great Boston By Foot tour. A great tour and a great guide! You are great people! - Atlanta, GA

Yesterday, I took the tour of the Esplanade. It was a very challenging day for the docents, as there was a huge concert also scheduled for the Esplanade that day. They somehow managed to direct us to another starting point and gave us an extraordinary amount of information, even though their route was changed. I am always impressed with the tour docents, but I wanted to give an extra thanks for the wonderful tour I went on yesterday. - Woburn, MA

You guys are doing a wonderful job! Extra thanks to Andrea for her Beacon Hill tour on Wednesday. I was the only tourist, but she did the whole tour. Her knowledge was impressive, and delivered with good humour. Thanks! - Claremont, Australia

Thank you very much for arranging the tour. Robert was GREAT! The kids really liked him and we learned something also. Made a big difference to hear the stories about all the locations we visited. Thanks again! - Boston, MA

I wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful guide for our private early morning tour of Beacon Hill. Bill was delightful, with such a fantastic understanding of the people and places that make Beacon Hill such an amazing place to explore. It was one of the highlights of our time in Boston. - Australia

The program was great. Our presenter was terrific and we had to make people leave, they were so interested. - Quincy, MA

We had a fabulous time on our May field trip. These positive memories reinforce the history seen. Our students shared a variety of stories they remembered from the guides. The lion, eagle and unicorn, the donkey, the statue of Ben Franklin, the Boston Massacre and the place where the Declaration of Independece was read, pointing out the steeple to Old North Church and the "red brick road" were just some of the key points shared at morning meeting the next day. The chaperones learned fun facts too. The Third Grade thanks the volunteers for taking the time and making the trip happen with Boston By Little Feet. Thank you for a glorious day. The weather was perfect and the guides were GREAT! - Hingham, MA

Liz was a very personable and knowledgeable docent. She was fun and
funny and was terrific with my 8 year old, too! She was a wealth of knowledge
and made our first day in Boston a memorable one! - Snellville, GA

"Boston By Foot is by far the best way to see and learn about historic Boston - especially with kids. Our personal tour guide, David, managed to keep our group of 7 family members (ages 6 to 77) entertained and interested in sub-30 degree weather with 20 mph winds!!!! Our tour, which lasted 1.5 hours, could not have been better and added bonus is that Boston By Foot is a Nonprofit and its guides are volunteers who have an obvious passion for Boston history."

"I went on two different tours with Boston By Foot on a recent business trip. Both tours were a little different than your "typical" introductory city tours; one focused on "the dark side" of Boston's history, and the other focused on the history of local drinking culture. Liam was my guide for both tours, and he was engaging, friendly, and told a number of stories that were new to even the locals in our group. It's definitely a fun way to get to know more about the city, and I enjoyed getting to check out different spots that I never would have known were there." - Pittsburgh, PA

"Our Boston by Foot (Little Feet tour) guide Mr. David was one of the best tour guides I have ever had. He was so informative and gave the kids and adults a fantastic and FUN history tour of Boston. My 11 year old son, parents, and myself really loved it. It was informative, exciting and fun. I can not rate Mr. David and this tour high enough, I highly recommend this tour to families with kids of all ages - just GREAT!!" - Springfield, VA

"Authentic and informative way to see some of Boston's historical and beautiful neighborhoods. We took the Beacon Hill tour with Mary on a perfect evening, and she took us around the major attractions and small cool corners of the area. She showed us the State House, Boston Common, the exclusive and gorgeous homes of some of Boston's historical elite. It's a fairly easy walk and you will learn a lot about Beacon Hill. Boston by Foot is a volunteer organization and the guides are informative and personable. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanted to know more about Boston." - Sacramento, CA

"We did the "Dark Side of Boston Tour." This was hands down one of the best things we did while visiting Boston.  The tour started in the North End. The tour was about true historical events that have occurred in Boston. Since my husband and I were both History majors, we were really excited about this tour. The tour lasted for 1 1/2 hours. The topics included, stories about smallpox, influenza, the serviceman coming in on boats, vandalization of the governor's home, the Molasses flood, body snatchers and even the Brink's robbery. The tour was only $12 per person and we got to walk around in the historic North End area and hear all about these "not so talked" about historic moments. Will recommend to everyone I know who is visiting the area, or locals!" - Grand Rapids, MI

"Had a wonderful North End tour with our guide Gene. He was knowledgeable, energetic and gave us an additional 30 minutes to the tour. I have lived in the area for 10 years and I learned new things about the North End.We took the tour on a Friday afternoon, so our group was small (only 4) which made it nice and more personal feeling. For $12 per person you really can't go wrong!" - Malden, MA

"Angela was great. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Can't wait to do another tour upon my return to Boston!" -Plainfield, NJ